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Backpack weighs 15kg - hopefully it will get lighter (either that or I'll get fitter)!

Ready to Go

Ready to Go

If you ever watch MOTD2 (Match of the Day 2 for the football uninitiated), then you will know that it features "2 Good, 2 Bad". Two highly entertaining highlights and then two of the worst low points from the week.

So, to replicate a tried and tested format, I'll be presenting two highlights and 2 not so good moments every week from our backpacking adventure. I'm sure that the next 11 months or so will be eventful!

Living in the moment, being a master of my own destiny and only having the possessions I can carry on my back will be liberating as I'm leaving behind the 101 tasks on my 'to do' list, many of which I never achieve so I'm always setting myself up to fail. I won't miss the constant chasing my tail, the treadmill tedium of real life and routine and waking up in the middle of the night realising that I never did task number 27 on the the list and having a mini panic attack.

I will shortly be waking up to days that revolve around travelling to unknown destinations, understanding a different country's culture and etiquette, sampling local delicacies, relying on the kindness of strangers, finding somewhere to rest my head, scrubbing underwear in a sink and deciding whether to stay or move on.

We won't have any gadgets with us so this is travelling old school style. Just my 15 kg backpack, my daypack and the Year 5/6 curriculum, worksheets for Maths and English plus an incredibly long spelling list.

Wish me luck,

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